1991 The Evelyn Underhill Association Newsletter

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In this, the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Evelyn Underhill, we urge you to celebrate her life and work in whatever way your circumstances allow.

The celebration has already begun: In March 1990 several hundred person gathered for  a four day symposium on Underhill sponsored by the Washington National Cathedral and organized by Carole Crumley. Events included lectures by Dana Greene, Annice Callahan and A. M. Allchin; a panel discussion by Milo Coerper, Grace Brame, Dolores Leckey, Leonid Kishkovsky, and William Spofford; Compline addresses by Lin Ludy, Rev. David Trickett, Mary Xavier Kirby; a day of retreat with A. M. Allchin; Evensong; a short course of directed study on the works of Underhill; a tour of the Cathedral given by Richard Feller and an English Tea in its Tower.

Upcoming events include:

A RETREAT IN THE TRADITION OF EVELYN UNDERHILL, directed by A. M. Allchin — Friday evening and Saturday, June 21-22, 1991, sponsored by The Washington National Cathedral, The Evelyn Underhill Association, and The Canterbury Trust. For information contact: Special Events, 202-537-6237, Washington National Cathedral, Mass. and Wisconsin Avenues, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016-5098.

EVELYN UNDERHILL FESTIVAL — May 31 – June 2, 1991. Christopher Armstrong presenter. Contact, House of Retreat, Pleshey, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1HA, England.

EVELYN UNDERHILL SYMPOSIUM — June 15, 1991. Lectures by Dana Greene and Grace Jantzen. Contact, Dean, King’s College, London, The Strand, London WC2R 2LS

A RETREAT IN THE TRADITION OF EVELYN UNDERHILL — Sept. 20-23, 1991. Directed by A. M. Allchin. Contact, House of Retreat, Pleshey

If you will not be able to participate in any of the above, we urge you to:

Develop a commemorative service of your own on June 15th. The Calendar of the Church Year lists the following readings for her day: Psalm 96: 7-13 or 37:3-6, 32-33; Wisdom 7:24 – 8:1 and John 4: 19-24.

Call together a reading group to discuss one of Underhill’s works, nineteen of her books are now in print, including Letters of Evelyn Underhill which has been reissued in paperback by Christian Classics, Westminister, MD.



The following have all been published recently:

Bancroft, Anne, ‘Evelyn Underhill‘, in Weavers of Wisdom. Penguin (a controversial treatment)

Brame, Grace, ‘Evelyn Underhill and the Mastery of Time‘, Spirituality Today. Dec. 1990

Continuing Incarnation: Evelyn Underhill’s Double Thread of Spirituality‘, Christian Century. Oct. 31, 1990.

Callahan, Annice, ‘Evelyn Underhill‘, in Six Spiritual Guides. N.Y., Crossroad, forthcoming.

Dana Greene, ‘Adhering to God‘. (Tape) Ave Maria Press.

Evelyn Underhill: Artist of the Infinite Life, N.Y., Crossroad; London, Darton, Longman & Todd

Milos, Joy, ‘Evelyn Underhill, A Companion on Many Journeys‘, The Way. April 1989.

Tastard, Terry, ‘Evelyn Underhill and God in the Present‘, in The Spark in the Soul. Paulist.

Underhill, Evelyn, The Ways of the Spirit. ed. G. Brame, Crossroad.

Modern Guide to the Ancient Quest for the Holy, ed. D. Greene, State Univ. of N.Y. Press.

The Evelyn Underhill Association, Ltd. has now been incorporated thanks to Milo G. Coerper who took up the suggestion which emerged at the Underhill Celebration in March. The Articles of Incorporation were executed on June 15, 1989 (her commemorative day) and approved by the State of Maryland on June 19, 1990 under its special non-profit corporation provisions for a religious corporation. Founding members of the Board of Directors are Teresa Graves Coutret, Carole A. Crumley and Dana Greene. Officers are: President: Dana Greene; Vice President: Grace Brame; Secretary: Carole A. Crumley; Treasurer and Assistant Secretary: Milo G. Coerper.

The first annual meeting of the associates of the E.U.A. will be held during the quiet day (the meeting won’t be quiet) June 21-22, 1991.

The Association has an employer identification number from the I.R.S. and is now a tax-exempt organization. Donations would be appreciated in order to pay for the expenses incurred in connection with correspondence. They are deductible as charitable contributions and may be sent to: THE EVELYN UNDERHILL ASSOCIATION, LTD., 7315 Brookville Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815.

May 1991 be a special year for all those whose lives have been influenced by the writing of Evelyn Underhill. The gifts to us have been many; each of returns them in our own way.

This is the first newsletter of the Association since incorporation. Updates will be forthcoming when appropriate. If you would like to remain on the mailing list, please return a card indicating this to: EUA, 1209 Tulane Dr., Alexandria, VA 22307.