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2021 Newsletter
“Curing Solitude”? Retreats and the Experience of Solitude in Community – Celebration of Evelyn Underhill on the Eightieth Anniversary of Her Death – Authentic Prayer and Authentic Leadership: Reflections on Bishop Frank Griswold’s talk on Evelyn’s Day 2021 – Evelyn Underhill and Jacopone Da Todi

2020 Newsletter
Evelyn Underhill and a Decade of Student Research – Evelyn Underhill, Baron Friedrich von Hügel, and the Journey of Spiritual Formation – Review of The Spiritual Formation of Evelyn Underhill – Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book – Our “Spiritual War-Work” in the Age of COVID-19 – Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes

2019 Newsletter
International Conference on Jacopone da Todi – A Different Kind of Christmas List by Catherine Ann Lombard – Mystical Concepts, Artistic Contexts by Michael Stoeber

2018 Newsletter
Evelyn Underhill: The Hidden Life by Deborah Smith Douglas – Reflections on the Underhill Prayer Book by Ann Loades and Carol Poston – Three Evelyn Underhill Anthologies Reviewed by Carl McColman – Pioneers of Modern Spirituality by Jane Shaw – Into the Reign of Awe: The Mysticism of C. S. Lewis Reviewed by Ron Dart

2017 Newsletter
Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book by Robyn Wrigley-Carr – Is it Possible to be a “Do It Yourself” Christian Mystic? by Carl McColman – Life as Prayer: The Development of Evelyn Underhill’s Spirituality by Todd Johnson

2016 Newsletter
“The Spirituality of Risk” by Donyelle C. McCray, Ph.D. – “Finding Evelyn Underhill” by Susan Dean – “Evelyn Underhill and C. S. Lewis: Elective Affinities” by Ron Dart – “Prayer” from The Essentials of Mysticism

2015 Newsletter
“Evelyn Underhill: A Meditation” by Fr. Richard Rohr – “Becoming What We Behold” by Chris Glaser – “Review of Evelyn Underhill and the Making of Mysticism” by Delroy Oberg – “Evelyn Underhill and the Virgin Mary” by Carol Poston

2014 Newsletter
“Finding Underhill in Cuba” by Dana Greene – “Adhering to God: The Message of Evelyn Underhill for Our Times” by Dana Greene – “Symbolic Narratives of Mysticism and the Songs of Kabīr” by Michael Stoeber

2013 Newsletter
“A Final Test of Holiness” by Merrill Ware Carrington – “Evelyn Underhill’s Theophanies: A Book of Verse” by Nadia Delicata

2012 Newsletter
“My Journey with Evelyn Underhill” by Kathy Staudt – “Evelyn Underhill’s Developing Spiritual Theology” by John R. Francis – Dana Greene Research Collection on Evelyn Underhill – “Reflections on the Inter-Faith Conversations of Evelyn Underhill: Symbolic Narratives of Mysticism” by Michael Stoeber

2011 Newsletter
Obituary A. M. Allchin – “Underhill’s Mysticism: A Centenary Review” by Joy Milos

2010 Newsletter
‘Mysticism’: The Centennial Year 1911-2011 – Rev. Milo Coerper Honored – “Life as Prayer: The Development of Evelyn Underhill’s Spirituality” by Todd E. Johnson

2009 Newsletter
Interview with Dr. Carol Poston – “The Call of God” by Kathy Staudt – “The Making of a Mystic” by Carol Poston

2008 Newsletter
“Honoring Evelyn Underhill” by Kathleen Henderson Staudt – “Evelyn Underhill: More Than a Beacon or Bridge: An Artist” by Bishop Robert Morneau

2007 Newsletter
“Soaked in Love and Prayer” by Donna Osthaus – “An Invitation: To Know the Transcendent through the Immanent” by Martha Gross – “Evelyn Underhill’s Quest for the Holy: A Lifetime Journey of Personal Transformation” by Nadia Delicata

2006 Newsletter
“Evelyn Underhill: The Moral Mystic” by Gerald Loweth – “Grace through Simplicity: The Practical Spirituality of Evelyn Underhill” by John Kirvan – “Crossing Over to God’s Side: Evelyn Underhill and the Problem of Security” by Stephanie Ford

2005 Newsletter
“The Mystic and the Church” by Dana Greene – 2005 Day of Reflection – News and Noteworthy

2004 Newsletter
“Lives Matter: Evelyn Underhill” by Dana Greene – “Continuing Incarnation: Evelyn Underhill’s Double Thread of Spirituality” by Grace Adolphsen Brame

2003 Newsletter
“Evelyn Underhill on Magic, Sacrament, and Spiritual Transformation” by Michael Stoeber Regis – News & Noteworthy

2002 Newsletter
The Sychronicity of Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941) and Benedictine John Main (1926-1982) – Remembering Evelyn Underhill – News & Notes

2001 Newsletter
Insights That Endure – Discovering Sorella Maria – Evelyn Underhill Commemorated – Underhill Pilgrimage Now Set for 2003 – The Contemplative Life & Society – News & Notes

2000 Newsletter
Open Letter to Evelyn Underhill – News & Notes – The Wisdom of John of the Cross in the Writings of Evelyn Underhill – The Professor’s House

1999 Newsletter
Evelyn Underhill: Guidance For Modern Seekers – Pilgrimage 2000 – News & Notes – Evelyn Underhill and the Rattle of Teacups – Immanence – Tribute to Lady Laura

1998 Newsletter
On Pilgrimage With Underhill – Evelyn Underhill’s Guidelines for a Sane Spiritual Life – What is the Best Introduction to Evelyn Underhill’s Thought? – News & Notes – Evelyn Underhill Birthplace Visited By EU Associates

1997 Newsletter
Seventh Annual Quiet Day – Study Trip to Italy & London – A Taste of Heaven – The Three Faces of Evelyn Underhill – News & Notes

1996 Newsletter
Annual Evelyn Underhill Day of Reflection – Our Purpose – Teresian Wisdom in Selected Writings of Evelyn Underhill – Sir William Wilkinson: May they rest in peace – News & Notes – Spiritual Entente

1995 Newsletter
Coming Home to Pleshey: A Memoir – Into Thy Hands We Command Their Spirits – The Ways of the Spirit: Review – Do We Need A Spiritiual Entente? – Evelyn Underhill Archives Given to Virginia Seminary

1994 Newsletter
Advent Service on the Light of Christ – John Casteel: In Memoriam – The Letters of Evelyn Underhill:Review – News & Notes

1993 Newsletter
The Note of Failure in the Symphony of Grace – Evelyn Underhill: Middle-Way Within the Via Media? – News & Notes

1992 Newsletter
Evelyn Underhill and Vatican II – Noteworthy Publications

1991 Newsletter
News and Notes