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Discovering Sorella Maria

by A.M. Allchin

Arriving one Saturday afternoon in September at the Community of Bose in North Italy, an ecumenical monastic community, I was surprised to find myself talking in a rapid, insistent way about Evelyn Underhill to the monk who was welcoming me. My host was puzzled since, though he spoke excellent English, he had clearly never heard of Evelyn Underhill and was anxious to explain all kinds of practical things like the layout of the community buildings, and to show me where I would be staying. I pulled myself up short, saying, “We can talk about Evelyn Underhill some other time,” and began to listen to what the brother had to tell me.

Settling into the room that was to be mine and having some time before the evening office, I was amused at my vehement desire to enquire … Read more