Annual Quiet Day 2022

The Richness of the Unwalled World

Saturday, June 11, 2022, 9:30am-3:30pm

Bishop Porter Taylor

Nourse Hall, St. Albans Parish
On the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral
3001 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Washington DC 20016

Please bring a sack lunch

Registration begins May 1, 2022
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“What would it mean for a soul that truly captured [the contemplative life], in which the emphasis should lie on the immediate percepts, the messages the world pours in on us, instead of on the sophisticated universe into which our clever brains transmute them? Plainly, it would mean the achievement of a new universe, a new order of reality: escape from the terrible museumlike world of daily life, where everything is classified and labeled, and all the graded fluid facts which have no label are ignored. It would mean an innocence of eye

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2021-22 The Evelyn Underhill Association Newsletter

“Curing Solitude”? Retreats and the Experience of Solitude in Community – Celebration of Evelyn Underhill on the Eightieth Anniversary of Her Death – Authentic Prayer and Authentic Leadership: Reflections on Bishop Frank Griswold’s talk on Evelyn’s Day 2021 – Evelyn Underhill and Jacopone Da Todi